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Currency Counting machines with Fake note detectors.

What are the things to be checked before Purchasing a currency counting machine

Top Tips When Buying Your Money Counting Machine

Depending on your requirements will depend on the type of money counting machine you should purchase.

a)Bundled Notes - When you need to just count the Currecny notes , in a bundle .These are the ideal once. How ever the fake note detection in these machines are termed useless for indian currencies . These machines mostly have only UV checking functions . It works in a methout called vaccum suction methoud. The moving part is the spindeles .Hence the quality of it is to be ensured.

b)Loose Notes  - If you want to count the notes and check for fake notes , these machines could be ideal. There are variety of technologies to check Fake notes.

1) UV - Checks Through Ultraviolet Lights.(This is very old technology - Even are fake notes are made to pass through these technology)

2) MG - Magnetic sensors .This is quite later technology .How ever this helps you to catch upto 80 % notes

3) Intelligent Scan - Very few machines have these Scans, Where every note is scanned and made to read the strips on the note to detect for Fake C) Note Sorting - These are the most advanced machines, where it not only counts , but it can also be used to sort the mixed notes. It also seperate fake notes into different compartments.

c)Budget .

d)Brand - There are lots of brands in the market , Espceially loose note counters. There is no law governing these imports ,as on date. Hence there are lots of traders importing these machines .No proper support will be available.Which ever brand you buy check for after sales service support and a reputed company.


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