Lable Printing Scale. Pan Size : 380×250 mm Available Capacities: 15kg,30kg.



The all new CL3000 Label Printing Scale.

Available in POLE and  BASE Type

Ideal for use in any type market, from grocery stores, butcher shops, and large supermarkets. Crisp, easy to read displays set the CL3000 Label Printing Scale ahead of the competition.

Fully compatible with the CAS CL Series Label Printing Scales.

More Than Just A Display

The CL3000 display supports a scrolling message bar which is suitable for displaying long text messages. The scrolling message can be used for displaying item names or promotional messages.It also has Wider viewing angles to deliver bright, crisp.

PLU and Programable Function Keys

72 PLU Keys and 35 (B model) / 36 (P model) Function Keys are available. For convenience, the CL3000 Label Printing Scale can store up to 10,000 PLUs and 1,000 Ingredients (512byte)

Quickly transfer PLU data via Wi-Fi or RS-232C for scale to computer or computer to scale.(Wifi optional feature)


  • Aluminum Body Construction
  • Scrolling Message bar
  • Detachable Pole Display (CL3000-P)
  • Durable printer mechanism
  • Firmware update via RS-232C or USB port
  • Interface: USB port, LAN, RJ11, RS-232C, optional wireless
  • Compatible with CL series


  • Wireless LAN
  • Linerless Labels
  • CL-Works Pro (PC Management Software)


Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Butcher Shops


Max. Capacity 3/6 kg 6/15 kg 15/30 kg 6/15 lb 15/30 lb 30/60 lb
Interval 1/2 g 2/5 g 5/10 g 0.002/

0.005 lb


0.01 lb


0.02 lb

Max. Tare -2.999 kg -5.998 kg -9.995 kg -5.998 lb -9.995 lb -29.99 lb
A/D Conversion Rate Approx. 8 times/sec.


Load Cell
Platter Size 380 x 250 mm
Key B-Type : 72 PLU key, 35 function key / P-Type : 72 PLU key, 36 function key, 144 PLU
Display LCD (Preset Tare : 5 digit, Weight : 6 digit, Unit Price : 7 digit, Total Price : 8 digit, PLU name: 12 digit)
Printer Speed 100 mm/sec
Printing Resolu- tion 202 dpi
Label Size Width : 40 mm ~ 60 mm / Length : 30 mm ~ 80 mm
Barcode Type UPC, EAN13, I2OF5, CODE128
Printer Type Direct thermal print
Operating Temp. -10°C ~ 40°C (14°F ~ 104°F)
Power AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz 1.5A


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