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Concrete Weigh Bridge




All of our products are manufactured by our team of specialist production engineers and Highly Skilled Craftsmen.

Concrete deck or Life time weigh bridges are the best solution for  Corrosive Environment .Its very economical and maintanence less weighbridges good for a lifetime.

Prime Raw Materials are inspected by our engineers for Physical

& Metallurgical properties.


All Cibi Structures are sand blasted a Cost of redoxide Primere

followed by 2 coats epoxy paints is applied.


The construction of these heavy duty platform incorporates two I-sections (Main beam acts as guides for the vehicle) interconnected by smaller I section (Cross beams) & Torsteel binding, running along the length and breath.

 Advantages Of Concrete Deck

  • The concrete deck will never rust, and requires no maintenance, which is major problem associated with the underneath of Conventional steel Weighbridge decks.
  • With the special design incorporating fibres within the high strength concrete, painting and maintenance on the deck, is a thing of the past. This is especially welcome and reassuring when the resistance includes road salts, most of the environmentally damaging chemicals and wear resistance
  • With elimination of steel to steel contact, no wear occurs.
  • The concrete deck is cast at customer’s site, as a single deck with the Load Cell access at the side. Therefore unlike other designs there are no deck plates or bolts to remove, which would deteriorate over time.
  • By Elimination of metal to metal contact, the weigh bridge in even the heaviest use is totally silent, making a calm change from the usual clanking of metal.
  • The ‘Concept’ is mounted onto a simple foundation which requires no restraint systems as special impact protection is built within the design


The micro-processor based electronic indicator is an extremely reliable and user-friendly weight indicator. It has 2 display windows. In the first weight is displayed in bright red color and in the second, parameter settings are displayed in cool backlit LCD. Any computer keyboard can be connected to it, which makes it easy to operate.

With the in built RS-232 communication, the intelligent terminal can be interfaced with a PC or other peripheral equipment like Printer. The Printer will generate a printout on a Ticket with Time, Date, First Weight, Second Weight, Automatic Nett Weight, Vehicle ID, Product ID and other options.

Load Cells

The heart of the weigh bridge is the Load Cell. In CIBI weighbridges, we use  Hermetically sealed ,IP68 ,High quality steel ,double ended shear beam load cells(Analog or Digital), mounted on sophisticated mounting blocks eliminates any side loading, impact loading and rotation of the cell ensuring with the best reliability and top class accuracy through out the lifetime.


Our software team provides you with customized software for any of your specific requirements for weight processing.