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Surface Weigh Bridge U Beam Design

PDF Catalog : Surface mounted orthotropic design

A Customized orthotropic beams designed precisely for the purpose of truck scale application.These orthotropic beams are a global norm today now widely used across Europe and America.




Standard Platform Size: 9x3m , 12x3m , 18x3m

The surface mounted or pit less weigh bridges are maintenance less weigh bridges. Load cells are positioned above the ground level so the water logging problem is totally eliminated and hence the life of the weighbridge is improved. The cost of foundation is less when compared to Pit Weigh Bridge. The structure is mounted onto a simple foundation which requires no restraint systems as special impact protection is built within the design.


Prime Raw Materials are inspected by our engineers for Physical

& Metallurgical properties.


All Cibi Structures are sand blasted a Cost of redoxide Primere

followed by 2 coats epoxy paints is applied.



The CIBI DW (ORTH) series weighbridge structures are specially designed for extensive use in applications of concentrated and severe loading. The structures are equipped with shear beam load cells for stability, reliability and accuracy. They can be placed on the ground or pit mounted.

Salient Features:

A Customized orthotropic beams designed precisely for the purpose of truck scale application.These orthotropic beams are a global norm today now widely used across Europe and America. These structures are manufactured by using closed orthotropic sections. These sections are completely welded with the top plate and side plates. This makes the structure very stiff and load distribution is even because of closed section geometry. When there is concentrated loading on the structure there is no deflection and the load transfer is always vertical on the Load cells. This results in high accuracy in Weighment.

B.There is no chance of structure buckling, even on large loads,

C The Orthotropic sections are manufactured by using Plates, which are manufactured    only by certified companies like Essar, Jindal, Ispat etc. Compared to the I beams available in market

D.Tested using actual industrial loads to ensure a robust product.

E. Heavy duty fabrication using branded high UTS steel.

F.Destructive Test methods used to test the strength of EACH fabricated structure in actual loaded condition.

G.The latest box design or low profile is easily transportable and have smaller spans and gives greater stability and ruggedness at lesser weight.


The micro-processor based electronic indicator is an extremely reliable and user-friendly weight indicator. It has 2 display windows. In the first weight is displayed in bright red color and in the second, parameter settings are displayed in cool backlit LCD. Any computer keyboard can be connected to it, which makes it easy to operate.

With the in built RS-232 communication, the intelligent terminal can be interfaced with a PC or other peripheral equipment like Printer. The Printer will generate a printout on a Ticket with Time, Date, First Weight, Second Weight, Automatic Nett Weight, Vehicle ID, Product ID and other options.

Load Cells

The heart of the weigh bridge is the Load Cell. In CIBI weighbridges, we use Hermetically sealed ,IP68 ,High quality steel ,double ended shear beam load cells(Analog or Digital), mounted on sophisticated mounting blocks eliminates any side loading, impact loading and rotation of the cell ensuring with the best reliability and top class accuracy through out the lifetime.


Our software team provides you with customized software for any of your specific requirements for weight processing.