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1 What is stamping of weighing Machines, how it is to be done.

Re Every Weighing machine Manufactured, Should be checked & verified by Weights & Measures dept gov of india.After verification they Make a punch marking on the machine called as stamping.After this they also issue a Certificate

2 I just weigh things inside my factory for internal purposes, Do I need to Stamp My weighing scale every year.

Yes, you need to stamp your machine. Any weighing machine used shall be stamped, except those used for domestic purposes

3 If I purchase a weighing machine will it be stamped?

When you buy any scale from giribrothers it will be stamped.If the capacity is more than 3 T
We would make arrangments to stamp the machine at your premises

4 What would you do in an AMC

During AMC we would give preventive maintanance Service.In Case of Break down calls ,it would be attended free of charge
We would Arange for Stamping of your scales by Weights and Measures Department.
Also We would provide you a stand by machine in case of emergency *Conditions Apply


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