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We are happy to be in the 41yr. We thank all our valued customers for their continued patronage for all these  years.We dedicate ourselves to be worthy of their patronage with superior quality products and swift service.

Discount Offer

For the first 500 customers , who buy online from our site, will be entitled for 10 - 20 % discount as mentioned in the individual product page + one Assured Gift

Once the 500 Customers have purchased , the banner will automatically not be displayed.

Note:- The following products are available for Online Sale

a) Health Scales for domestic use

b) Billing Machines

c) Currency note counting Machines & Fake note detectors

d) Peg Measures.

Some products are not available for sale online , for example ,Industrial weighing scales and some of the products,which are not in stock.How ever you can click on REQUEST QUOTE tag. We will give you the rates and delivery period for these products.


  How To Buy the Products

 Step 1)- Membership is free. Register yourself as a member. 

Step 2)- Once you are a member, login , using your user id and password.

Step 3) Example for how to buy a Health scale - Click  "Product -health Scale" from the main Menu - click on "more detail icon " of the model you are interested - Click Add to cart- (If need to buy another product repeat the procedure)-Else click on the " Show cart" icon on the top righside of the page. 

Step 4)- Follow the steps ,through payment gate way.

 If you need any help purchasing online Kindly contact   98419 71108.

Kindly Note;- Our website is secure. We do not share any of your personal information. We would also not trouble you making phone calls/sms/bulk emailers. If you make order , we would confirm the delivery status through one of the above, till the Order is executed Satisfactorily.





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